Qualifying Your School

Qualifying and registering your school

All practitioners of Tae Kwon Do past and present with a black belt degree or higher may open a school in association with Yun Moo Kwan if no further financial assistance is needed. You and your school will be visited and evaluated and pending fees will receive a certificate of membership with all rights of promotion through the World Taekwondo Federation and World Hapkido Federation.

If financial assistance is needed, meaning that if you have the passion to open a school but simply cannot afford to, you may then petition the Yun Moo Kwan Headquarters to open a school for you under Master Smith’s Hwa Rang Kwan of Arizona in your city and state.

In registering yourself as the Head Instructor of your school it will also entitle your students to be accepted under the blanket certificate of the Yun Moo Kwan membership. Applications are available on our website and may be filled out and sent back to us using USPS or returned in an e-mail document.

You do not necessarily have to have your own building to start a Yun Moo Kwan School. There are community centers, recreation facilities, gymnasium’s or even your own home. We do ask that you create and uphold a safe training environment and maintain a good reputation in your community.

When you are verbally accepted a contract will be drawn up and presented to you for signing. Fees will be discussed at that time depending on your student count, overhead and living expenses.

Any breech of the contract will result in immediate termination from our franchise with all rights and privileges revoked.