You will also be given a lesson plan manual complete with:

Warm-Up Exercises


Conditioning, Plyometric & Strengthening Exercises

Endurance Training

Agility Drills

Basics 1: Stances

Basics 2: Hand Techniques

Basics 3: Kicking Techniques

Footwork Drills

Target Practice & Bag Training

Hogu Drills

Individual, Partner & Group Drills

Hapkido Grappling Exercises & Falls (Nabkob)

Weapons: Drills & Exercises

Poomse/Hyung – Tae Kwon Do Forms

Free Sparring – Kyo Ruki

Meditation (Sun), Philosophy, Internal Power (Ki Mougi)

As previously stated there will be a DVD collection mailed out to all members at no extra charge of the curriculum’s techniques. There will also be workshops available to you plus a private visitation by Master Smith to your Dojang for one on one training of the course curriculum.

You may also elect to fly to our headquarters and train at Master Smith’s facility if you so desire.

 There will also be History, Terminology, Dojang do’s & don’ts (Etiquette) and special training on how to market your school and make it as successful as it can be.