Why is Yun Moo Kwan a good franchise choice?

We are a family and community based school.  Our philosophies are: Art – Sport – Self Defense. We are not classified as an MMA school although we teach multiple Korean Martial Arts and Hapkido style grappling techniques.  We teach respect and self discipline

Benefits in buying a Yun Moo Kwan Franchise Course

Curriculum Manual

Lesson Plan Manual

Marketing Assistance

Affordable Franchise Fees

International Black Belt Rank Certification

Personalized Gup Ranking Certification

School/Instructor Certification

Personalized Certificates for you and your students

Comprehensive Taekwondo – Hapkido – Kumdo Training

Your School Linked On Our Website

Standardized Rank Promotion Requirements

Standardized Testing Procedures

DVD Collection Included

Online Business Coaching

Private Visitation to Your Facility or Our Headquarters