Hwa Rang Kwan is the oldest Korean martial arts center on the west coast. It began in May 1965 when Reverend Chung Ryul Song gave the name “Hwa Rang Kwan” to a Korean youth group in San Francisco, California.

At the same time, the young master Dong Kie Shin opened a Hwa Rang Kwan dojang (martial arts studio) in the Miahdong district of Seoul, South Korea.

History of Supreme Grandmaster Shin

In 1971, young Master Shin arrived in San Francisco, and continued his training and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1996, the Hwa Rang Kwan headquaters was relocated to Redwood City, California, and is now located at its current location in San Carlos, California. Hwa Rang Kwan now has over fifty Hwa Rang Kwan branch dojangs in the world. Grandmaster Shin has spent over fifty years studying martial arts. He is one of the very few who have achieved the highest rank in both Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation – Kukkiwon, 9th Dan) and Hapkido (World Hapkido Federation, 9th Dan).

Grand Master ShinAs a combat and self-defense instructor, Grandmaster Shin was responsible for training the renowned Korean Tiger Division, the Green Beret, the Jungle Ranger School in Vietnam, and has trained the United States Military for tens years. Grandmaster Shin is also an instructor for Standford University and a professor of both Seoul Sports University and United Arts College.

Hwa Rang Kwan Instructors

All Hwa Rang Kwan instructors are personally trained by Grandmaster Shin, and are martial arts professionals recognized by both the World Taekwondo Federation and the World Hapkido Federation.

History of Yun Moo Kwan

Grand Master Mark l. Tierney began his martial arts in 1960 with master Sifu: James Wing Woo of the Chinese Martial Arts Assn. in Hollywood, Ca. In 1968 he owned and operated a studio of the Chinese martial arts in Lodi, Ca. He trained for 4 years while also training in Tai- Chi Chuan with Master Woo and completed 4 animal cups (levels) in Chinese martial arts in 1972. He then started training with Master Chan Gin-Wei in Stockton, California at the Chung-Wah studio to further his knowledge in the Chinese arts.

Then he started training with Master Y.C. Wong in Sacramento, California as well as training with Grand Master D.K.Shin, 9TH Dan Black Belt in the Hapkido-Taekwondo Association. While doing both Chinese and Korean martial arts studied Judo with Japanese Master, Duke Yshimura at the Stockton Judo Club.

Then he opened the first Yun Moo Kwan Association on February 4th, 1974 at Louis Park in Stockton. There was also a period of 6 months where Master Tierney spent his days training is Seoul, Korea under Master Choi Yueng-Kuen, a 7th Dan Black Belt in Korean martial arts.

He operated the studio until November 1997 where he continued training with Grand Master Shin in San Francisco before retiring in 1999 from martial arts teaching. In 2010 Grand Master Tierney bestowed the name and association of Yun Moo Kwan to Master Grant Smith, a Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido student of Tierney’s for over 20 years.

Through the years Master Tierney had promoted over 100 black belts in the Martial Arts and now, at an 8th Dan Grand Master Ranking spends his time writing his memoirs and currently holding a position as Chief Consultant to the Yun Moo Kwan.